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  • “Effervescence” published in Paper Butterfly

    • Familial neglect / Kombucha

    • Read for free Here


  • “Burn” to be published in Calliope Interactive

    • Fleeting sexual encounters / Smoldering societies

    • Calliope Interactive will be pairing my story with custom artwork. Release date TBD 2023


  • “I am the Fulcrum” to be published in Apologue of the Immortals, Morian Press

    • Infinity exercises / Cloistered children / Mystery in the sky

    • Apologue of the Immortals is an anthology of fantasy short fiction and poetry that will be released in print and e-book. Estimated release date May 2023


  • “Wholesale” to be published in Suicidaliens, Gutslut Press

    • Alien encounters / Pop-up ads / Apathetic masturbation

    • Suicidaliens is an anthology by Gutslut Press. Release date TBD 2023

  • “Down the Rabbit Hole” to be published in Expanse Magazine v.1

    • Internet forum moderation / Sentient AI

    • Expanse Magazine has accepted this story for inclusion in their debut issue. Release date TBD 2023


  • “Ante Up” published in Let the Die Be Cast, PsychoToxin Press

    • Leveraging memories / Hivemind AI datamining /
      High-stakes Blackjack

    • This anthology is available for purchase Here


  • “Where the Sky Swallows the Horizon” published in Synthetic Reality v.3

    • Mismatched heroes / Crumbling cities / Nefarious automation

    • This title is currently out of print


  • “My Sparkle Can’t Cull Your Demons” published in Haven Spec v.2

    • Brainwashed society / Vain resuscitation / Canine silver linings

    • Purchase an e-copy Here


  • “Barney’s Specter” published in Unnerving

    • Life-shattering blackmail / Randomized cyberstalking / Dirty secrets

    • Read for free Here


  • “The Jellyfish from Nullarbor” narrated in Simultaneous Times v.51, Space Cowboy Books

    • Alien compassion / Diversifying perspectives

    • Listen for free Here or on Spotify


  • “What You Will Find at a Memory Auction” published in Etherea Magazine v.11

    • Bandwidth issues / Retaining memories / Wealth inequity

    • Purchase an e-copy Here


  • “Out to Pasture” published in Aphotic Realm

    • AI-assisted creativity / Artistic morality / New intimacy

    • Read for free Here


  • “Shotgun” published in The Theatre Phantasmagoria, Night Terror Novels

    • Preserving friendships / Delaying sunsets / Nostalgia

    • Read for free Here


  • “Withering Away” published in HyphenPunk v.5

    • Cognitive suicide / Co-opted experiences / Inequitable transactions

    • Read for free Here or purchase whole issue Here (kindly preferred)


  • “Little Joy” published in Flash in a Flash August 28, 2022 newsletter

    • Haunted malls / Giggling monsters / Nineties and Noughts nostalgia

    • Read for free in archived form Here

    • Also read live for Space Cowboy Books, available to view for free Here


  • “No Time” published in Black Hare Press

    • Selected as winning drabble for Dark Moments monthly contest

    • Viral infections / Saving loved-ones

    • Compiled with other winners in “Year Four”, available Here


  • “Out of Code” published in Phantom Thieves and Sagacious Scoundrels, JayHenge Publishing

    • Food waste activism / Sentient kitchen devices / Inept middle managers

    • Purchase an e-copy or paperback Here



  • “Kay’s Blow-Dryer” published in Etherea Magazine v.3

    • Transferred sentience / Willful resignation

    • Purchase an e-copy Here


  • “Houseplants (Love Spores)” published in Orchid’s Lantern

    • Societal paranoia / Alien viruses / Lots of macrame

    • Read for free Here

  • “Slurry” published in Grandpa’s Deep-Space Diner, JayHenge Publishing

    • Space privateering / Bad Fridays / Corporate enemies

    • Purchase e-copy or paperback Here

  • “Where the Sand Meets the Snow” published in Savage Planets v1.3

    • High desert blackmail / Diabolical robot security guards / Big box retail stores

    • Read for free Here


  • “Credit Reapers” published in Pulp Modern

    • Wealth inequity / Carbon credits / Human vanity

    • Read for free Here


  • “Lunch in the Infernal Sun” published in Fiery Scribe Review

    • Judgment on others / Cannibalistic bait and switch

    • Read for free Here

  • “Bowl Haircut Beat” published in Punk Noir

    • Anxiety / Overstimulation

    • Read for free Here

  • “Push Button” published in AntipodeanSF v.279

    • Window shopping / Emotional vindication / Bathing in light

    • This title is currently out of print


  • “deepfake” published in Selcouth Station

    • Cyberstalking / Vindictive exes

    • This title is currently out of print


  • “Land-Monkeys” published in Sparrow’s Trombone

    • Claustrophobic horror / Toys made out of humans

    • This title is currently out of print

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